• Denver Principals for DACA

    In a political environment that is increasingly divisive, we are a group of school leaders asking for Colorado’s support in protecting individuals critical to our school communities - our young leaders who also happen to be DREAMers.

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    More than 90 Denver principals and school leaders submitted this piece in support of DREAMers across Colorado and the U.S.

    Adeel Khan

    DSST: Conservatory Green High School

    Alex Magaña

    Grant Beacon Middle School & Kepner Beacon Middle School

    Alexa Mason

    STRIVE Prep

    Araceli O'Clair

    Academia Sandoval

    Austen Kassinger

    Rocky Mountain Prep

    Becca Meyer

    DSST: College View High School

    Ben Lewis

    STRIVE Prep

    Betsy Peterson

    STRIVE Prep

    Bill Kurtz

    DSST Public Schools

    Blake Hammond

    Green Valley Elementary

    Brad White

    DSST: Byers Middle & High School

    Brandi Chin

    DSST: Noel Middle School

    Caitlin Vaughan

    Rocky Mountain Prep

    Carol Bowar

    Girls Athletic Leadership Schools Denver

    Carrie Donovan

    GALS High School

    Cesar Cedillo

    Bruce Randolph School

    Cesar Rivera

    Samuels Elementary

    Chris Gibbons

    STRIVE Prep

    Christine Ferris

    Highline Academy

    Christine Fleming

    Joe Shoemaker School

    Clare Lundquist

    University Prep

    Dan Sullivan

    DSST: Stapleton Middle School

    David Singer

    University Prep

    Dawn Carrico

    Traylor Academy

    Drew Schutz

    Valverde Elementary

    Elina Medina

    Denver Public Schools

    Elisha Roberts

    STRIVE Prep

    Elliott Lepert

    Johnson Elementary

    Emily Volkert

    Centennial Elementary

    Frank Coyne

    Denver Green School

    Ginger Conroy

    DCIS at Ford

    Guerin Gray

    Highline Academy Northeast

    Ian Jones

    Denver Online High School

    Jack Holmes

    STRIVE Prep

    James Cryan

    Rocky Mountain Prep

    Jeff Desserich

    DSST: Stapleton High School

    Jenna Kalin

    DSST: GVR High School

    Jennifer Jackson

    Cole Arts and Science Academy

    Jennifer Reese

    Rocky Mountain Prep

    Jesse Tang

    Schmitt Elementary

    Jessica Ridgdway

    Goldrick Elementary

    Jessica Savage

    STRIVE Prep

    Jessica Tillis

    STRIVE Prep

    Jesús Rodríguez

    Trevista at Horace Mann

    Joanne Lander

    Gust Elementary

    Jodie Carrigan

    Doull Elementary

    John Argue

    University Prep

    John Clark

    DSST: Conservatory Green

    Jonathan Hanover

    Roots Elementary School

    Josh Devon

    STRIVE Prep

    Julie Murgel

    DCIS - Montbello

    Kartal Jaquette

    Denver Green School

    Kathryn Martinez

    Roots Elementary School

    Kathy Esparza

    STRIVE Prep

    Katie Ryan

    STRIVE Prep

    Katy Mattis

    Denison Montessori

    Kim Manning

    Denison Montessori

    Kimberlee Sia

    KIPP Colorado Schools

    Kimberly Ortiz

    Compassion Road Academy

    Kristin Levine

    STRIVE Prep

    Kurt Dennis

    McAuliffe International School

    Lee Rains Thomas

    Eagleton Elementary

    Libby Brien

    DSST: College View Middle School

    Lindsay Neil

    STRIVE Prep

    Lisa Richardson

    DSST: Henry

    Mario Giardiello

    Denver Center for International Studies

    Nick Jackson

    The Boys School of Denver

    Nina Safane

    GALS Middle School

    Nivan Khosravi

    Maxwell Elementary

    Patricia Hurrieta

    Grant Ranch

    Prudence Daniels

    Denver Green School

    Rebecca Bloch

    DSST: Cole MS & DSST: Cole HS

    Rebecca Riopelle

    STRIVE Prep

    Rebecca Utton

    STRIVE Prep

    Robert Beam

    Newlon Elementary

    Ryan Kockler

    Montclair School of Academics and Enrichment

    Sandra Berumen

    Colfax Elementary

    Sara Carlson

    Rocky Mountain Prep

    Sara Gips Goodall

    McGlone Academy

    Sarah Verni-Lau

    Highline Academy Southeast

    Scott Wolf

    North High School

    Shelby Dennis

    Swigert Elementary

    Sheldon S. Reynolds

    Greenlee Elementary

    Shelley Boberschmidt

    College View Elementary

    Sonia Geerdes

    McKinley-Thatcher Elementary

    Sue Williams

    Brown International

    Susan Morris

    STRIVE Prep

    Tara Byers

    STRIVE Prep

    Theresa McCorquodale

    Denver Center for International Studies

    Valerie Burke

    Force Elementary

    Vanessa Lugo Acevedo

    DCIS at Fairmont

    Wauneta Vann

    Respect Academy

    Zach Rahn

    Ashley Elementary

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